Utility of miscall service is very wide for all organisations in sales, support, CRM, survey, polls, subscription, accounts etc. Here we discuss a few common utilities of miss-call services in prospect of call industries.

Advertisement ROI calculation

Advertisements ROI is very important & challenge to calculate ROI for non-internet advertisements. Solution is miss-call alert services. Use multiple miss-call numbers for each type of advertisement and you will know about lead distributions as per advertisement medium and calculate your ROI as per advertisement medium.

Better Understanding

Lead generation becomes quite simpler by miss-call service than other medium, you just add your miss-call number to your advertisements campaign. Some sample are as follows:

  • " Miss-call to 9XXXXXXXXX Get Discount "
  • " Miss-call to 9XXXXXXXXX & we will call you "
  • " Miss-call to 9XXXXXXXXX for today´s offer "
  • you got miss-call, our system will start process as per your configuration, for example, you configured " Connect to agent " system with automatic call connection to all ( or one) agents and as the call is picked-up by any one then other calls will be dropped and system will call to miss caller and connect with your agent. It reduces your call back time and enhance your sales leads.

    Support " replacement of Toll-Free "

    Most of organisations use toll-free for support; in toll-free we have few drawbacks

  • High billing of each incoming call.
  • Hold time increases billing to organisation.
  • Hold time irritates most of clients because client doesn´t know exact time to hold And advantage of toll-free is Free of cost for client. To replace this system we need to design a system to overcome drawbacks and carry advantage. So, replace it by Miscall service to call back service, Our statements to client is " Need support miscall at XXXXXXXXXX and we call you back ".